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Crafty Fabric, an App for the iPhone and the iPad.

The Crafty Kitten has an App available.  I was hunting for an App to work out fabric size easily, without the hassle of finding a calculator or using a spreadsheet and I couldn't find one.  So I had this one designed.  Unfortunately at the current time it is only available for Apple iPhones and iPads, via the Apple App Store (click the links to get a direct download or go to App store and search for it, it is on both the UK and US stores).

This App has been designed to be simple to use, you input:
  • The fabric count (holes per inch)
  • The size of margin you want at each side (normally about 3")
  • Your horizontal stitch count (stitches across)
  • The vertical stitch count (stitches up)
  • Chose if you want to stitch your design over one (aidas or HAED type designs on evenweave if you want it over one) or two threads of fabric (evenweaves)
  • Click the kitten and it will calculate the actual fabric size in inches you need to buy for the design.  The calculation rounds up to the nearest half inch. 
If you click the little i you get the above information, along with links to the Crafty Kitten website. 

This App is a free download, and i hope you will find it useful, I've been using it for a few weeks and find it invaluable.

Download Crafty Fabric from the UK App Store

Download Crafty Fabric fromt he US App Store

Crafty Fabric has been designed for the Crafty Kitten by the lovely guys at Westward IT (who also hold the copyright!).