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Medium cuts (3 pieces of 13"x18") annual

This is an annual subscription for the FOTM medium cuts.  The annual subscription has the advantage that you get the 12th month for free, so you only pay for 11 months. every month for the year we will send you three pieces of 13"x18" fabric.  You chose what fabric type you'd  like to recieve for the year when you sign up, and then at the beginning of the month we will mail you 3 random colours from our range.  This will always include the limited colour of the month, plus two other colours. The price listed is the cost for the UK (including p&p for 11 of the 12 months), international orders, chose the international option, this includes 10 months p&p of £2.00, so discounted on our normal p&p rates), the other months postage is covered with the p&p on this order.

There will be no colour repeat in a size selection in a year period. 

Different FOTM sizes may include repeat colours (e.g. you might get the same colour in the 9"x12" and the 13" x 18" in a 12 month period, obviously the limited colour for the month will be in both selections in the same month).

The price shown is the base price for aida and evenweave.  If a option contains linen, either a mixture of aida, evenweave and linen, or just linen the price adjustment is shown in the fabric type drop down, e.g. evenweave and linen  is +£18.00 giving a total price for that option of £230.00 (base price of £212.00 plus £18.00 fabric type price).  For clarity, the total prices for the options, which will be shown in the shopping cart are:

  • Aida only £212.00
  • Evenweave only £212.00
  • Linen only £247.50
  • Evenweave and linen £230.00
  • Evenweave and aida £212.00
  • Any fabric under 28 count £230.00
  • Any fabric £230.00

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