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Mystery Boxes

Something a little new and different.  Mystery boxes include a cut of a limited edition fabric that is exclusive to that box for that calender year, e.g. any fabrics in the 2018 boxes will not be available until 2019 to anyone who didn't have the box it was originally in.

Your box will contain:

Limited Edition fabric (count and type of your choice)
A least 3 skeins of thread (a mixture of solid, and hand dyed and silk and braid, it could be anything I stock)
An embellishment of some type (button, charm, beads etc)

Examples of past boxes can be found HERE

All themed to the same theme.  As an example if the theme was Autumn, you might expect things in autumnal shades including; golds, oranges and browns.

This is a great way to try out different things and build up stash for stitching those small designs you can have fun changing the recommended threads for.

These boxes have a fixed order cut off date so that I can make sure I order the right amount of thread.

The 2018 theme is Fairy Tales

January:        Cinderella
February:      Beauty and the Beast
March:           Aladdin
​​​​​​​April:             Puss in Boots
May:              Little Red Riding Hood
June:             The Little Mermaid
July:              Peter Pan
August:         The Princess and the Pea
September:   Thumbelina
October:        The Headless Horseman
November:     Hansel and Gretel
​​​​​​​December:     The Snow Queen

The cut off date for ordering each box is the 12th of the month it is for (e.g. Februarys box order cut off date is 12th February).  They ship at the very end of that month, beginning on the next depending on when the contents arrive.

Note the cat is not representative contents!
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